6 Baking Equipment From Amazons Sale To Make Your Celebrations Sweeter

Christmas is just around the corner and the festive vibe is hard to miss. One of our most favourite bits about the festive season is the eclectic range of traditional baked goods. Plum cakes, brownies, cookies, Christmas puddings, cannoli, stollen – the list is endless and we cannot wait to dig in with our spoons. Christmas and New Year desserts are a common fair across the world. Did you know of the popular English tradition of cake mixing, where before baking the plum cake, families first gather to soak nuts in alcohol and prepare the cake mix for the final baking process? Baking could prove to be a task, but for many it is also a very therapeutic process. This festive season, how about baking some special Christmas treats in the comfort of your own kitchen? Better still, get your family involved in the whole baking routine and enjoy all the goodies together. ’tis the time to bond and make merry, and to help you with that Amazon’s special Bakeware Store is offering up to 50 percent discount and lucrative deals on baking tools accessories, moulds, tins, cake stands, icing bags, spatulas, stencils, mixing bowls and so much more. 

1. Baking Sets

A perfect baking mould and pan is very essential to make sure your cakes get that perfect fluffy texture and flavour. Amazon’s bakeware store has an array of options for you to pick and choose the ideal baking set suited to your needs.  For instance this 3 piece Rolex cake mould. Available in round, heart and flower shapes, these moulds are light-weighted and convenient to use. In this deal you would also be getting a Milton scrub free with the baking set.

Original Price: INR 635

Discounted Price: INR 439 (You Save: 31 percent)

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2. Muffin Moulds

Now bake a range of moist and delectable muffins yourself with the help muffin moulds available on Amazon at heavily discounted prices. This Grizzly Aluminium Steel 6 Slot Cupcake Tray is a good way to start your way into baking. This non-stick baking tray will save you the mess of cleaning up. Made with carbon steel, it enables better heating and browning. 

Original price: INR 350

Discounted price: INR 199 (You save: 43 percent)

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3. Stand Mixers And Hand Blenders

One of the most taxing bits about baking is whisking the batter. There is so much to take care of. You have to make sure you don’t let excess of air pass through it, but again too little air would make your cake dry and crumbly. The movement and pace at which you whisk is another pressing concern. Give yourself a break from the toil and take the help of blenders instead. Stand mixers and hand blenders are two of the baking appliances that are a must-have in your kitchen, if you are into baking. You can go for this Panasonic MK-GB1 200-watt 3-Litre Stand Mixer with Hand Blender, 220-volt. With the bowl capacity of 3 litres, this energy efficient blender is sure to make your baking experience a cake walk. 

Original Price: INR 3595

Discounted Price: INR 2900 (You save: 19 Percent)

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4. Cookie Cutter

This festive season, ditch the old-fashioned round cookies and bake them in shapes of a star, sun, butterfly, crescent, flower and bunny, with help of premium quality cookie-cutters available on Amazon. You can go for this 12 pieces stainless steel cookie cutter by Clomana, available in 4 shapes (flower, heart, circle and stars). This cookie cutter is sure to make for a fun baking session with your little one. 

Original price: INR 499

Discounted price: INR 299 (You Save: 40 percent)

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5. Mixing Bowls

Mixing your batter forms an essential component of baking and you need to make sure you have just the perfect bowl to mix your ingredients well. Remember, even one or two lumps could ruin your baked good by a great margin. Try this Femora Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowl Microwave Safe bowls. This set of three bowls (400ml, 1050ml, and 1650ml) is an ideal pick for your baking sessions. 

Original Price: INR 1145

Discounted Price: INR 1030 (You Save: 10 percent)

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6. Cake Decorating Sets

While we understand it is tough to hold back from taking a bite of the freshly baked cake, but icing and decorating the cake in pretty frosting is only going to further enhance the cake-eating experience. This Kurtzy Stainless Steel Icing Nozzles Cake Piping Bag With 1 Coupler For Decorating Cupcake and Pastry Desserts. This set contains 6 icing tips and nozzles for beautiful rose petal swirled shell icing. 

Original Price: INR 1098

Discounted Price: INR 599 (You Save: 45 percent)

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mud chocolate cupcake

So, hurry and make the most of these amazing deals this festive season! 


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